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EleCtra5 days ago
Hi guys, I have a gift you. (ss2 hd pack).

I f you want special speedrun map hd texture. I can make converter map.
BarbaAzul6 days ago
hamburglar1 week ago
AHEA1 month ago
hello guys?
heheyz2 months ago
hah, hello all. its fun to sometimes come in after a long time and the page brings you nostalgic memories
xenzation2 months ago
hello surfers, I miss the old community :'(
Nevv3 months ago
Wtf I came here for a nostalgia trip and I really did not expect the community to be still alive. I'm really glad it is
hamburglar3 months ago
holy fuck looks like kaffees yt account was hacked and somebody (or some bot) is posting pokemon hacks on it. unfortunately i cant back up his stuff as of now, and i give it a week or two for his channel to be banned (look's channel ended in this exact way)
aprochonger4 months ago
lezik4 months ago
Yo, no way the official server still exists right?