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brotez4 hours ago THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD BY ME !
hamburglar2 weeks ago
ty kaffee i think at least in these first months nothings gonna happen for the regular brazilian middle class 1.6 player

but lets see what awaits us in the future... so much whacky, surreal bullshit has been happening in Brazil these last years
Canarin2 weeks ago
thx for the love, but we are free from comunism, we r good kaffe x)
Gimenegati2 weeks ago
the rest of the message bugged kkk thanks for the love mate! Always been a nice person!
Gimenegati2 weeks ago
kaffee2 weeks ago
Hey brasil serf friends. when bolsonaro facsists come to power and you have to leave the country to survive, hit me up via PM. I can try to organize money and accomodation. You're the only brasil people I know so I post this here
Canarin1 month ago
Asker1 month ago
investigate 3/11
Rapha1 month ago
g-Lp1 month ago