Surf Roulette #11 New Admins

Welcome to the Surf Roulette #11! This time we got 8 demos from  eDDe,  FiZz,  hamburglar,  heheyz,  salient,  Shyn,  weng and  WinD, hope you all enjoy the video.

As you can see, the site has now more admins.
From the last 3 months our lovely hidden coder  Lean was working hard to bring to you this "World-Surf 2.0" with less bugs and problems.
Also, already seen on the post bellow,  Kushfield, the man behind the surf gateway servers, has joined the staff a couple of weeks ago and he is already setting all the bugs he finds on fire!
He is a great mapper/coder/admin, and together we all hope to bring more content to world-surf.
Another addition to the staff, the user  FiZz will be helping me as a demo admin taking care of the new cs demos releases!
Last but not least, I could not forget to say thanks to another hidden admin who has always helped the world-surf to improve, his name is  Designer!

Soon we will create a category and release an Amx mod X plugin to allow user to record demos on maps without buttons (just like we did on

For now, we have two categories: demos recorded with CS updated and outdated (before and after the feb/2013 update).

Thanks alot and thats all for now folks. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Posted by Rapha on Sunday 25 December 2016 - 23:01:21 Comments (17)
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brotez5 days ago
@hamburglar bro I need talk to you send me msg here or steam/lolzin
kaffee1 week ago
i liked wengs freestyle on how-high and on the first map, levelmap-tricks seemed quite cool but i don't know the maps. burgers tricks were all nice except h_final, which i thought was kinda boring
weng1 week ago
g-Lp3 weeks ago
EleCtra3 weeks ago
hello old crew :D
i thought this place was closed
brotez3 weeks ago THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD BY ME !
hamburglar1 month ago
ty kaffee i think at least in these first months nothings gonna happen for the regular brazilian middle class 1.6 player

but lets see what awaits us in the future... so much whacky, surreal bullshit has been happening in Brazil these last years