Surf Roulette #11 New Admins

Welcome to the Surf Roulette #11! This time we got 8 demos from  eDDe,  FiZz,  hamburglar,  heheyz,  salient,  Shyn,  weng and  WinD, hope you all enjoy the video.

As you can see, the site has now more admins.
From the last 3 months our lovely hidden coder  Lean was working hard to bring to you this "World-Surf 2.0" with less bugs and problems.
Also, already seen on the post bellow,  Kushfield, the man behind the surf gateway servers, has joined the staff a couple of weeks ago and he is already setting all the bugs he finds on fire!
He is a great mapper/coder/admin, and together we all hope to bring more content to world-surf.
Another addition to the staff, the user  FiZz will be helping me as a demo admin taking care of the new cs demos releases!
Last but not least, I could not forget to say thanks to another hidden admin who has always helped the world-surf to improve, his name is  Designer!

Soon we will create a category and release an Amx mod X plugin to allow user to record demos on maps without buttons (just like we did on

For now, we have two categories: demos recorded with CS updated and outdated (before and after the feb/2013 update).

Thanks alot and thats all for now folks. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Posted by Rapha on Sunday 25 December 2016 - 23:01:21 Comments (17)
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xenzation2 days ago
Twizek2 days ago
z0r1 week ago
weng pelado
weng2 weeks ago
eyo, i've made a new minimovie
hamburglar3 weeks ago
im hot garbage at speaking english
TopKleare3 weeks ago
reached real life lvl 30 time goes fast :D
FiZz3 weeks ago
or just contact tip of the hats and have cs 1.6 surfing in there too. TF2 and css is already in it so why not 1.6. Have hamb and someone else as the talkers and me, edrx, dawson, scorpion and toni as surfers
brotez1 month ago
That's a opportunity for contact the GamesDoneQuick Hamb hahahaha.. But it's need a good real money
hamburglar1 month ago
good shit but whos gonna finance us brotez?

sup zika
brotez1 month ago
let's go make a good event like a SpeedRunGoneQuick with many maps to finish in WR or Top3 and all money give to Hospital or MSF, that's my dream to back surfing again