Weekly Cup #21
First of all, congratulations to our weekly #20 winner: United Kingdom Leffe

Results of weekly #20 surf_xs_church:

United Kingdom Leffe - 00:38.57
United Kingdom eDDe - 00:40.97

video by Estonia FiZz

And now, the map of the weekly #21 will be surf_anubis by United Kingdom Leffe

Surf Anubis

Demos must be recorded with fps_max 130.5 and CS updated.
Ex: surf_anubis_Rapha_0101.01_week21.rar

Deadline: 11/21/2016

Posted by Rapha on Monday 14 November 2016 - 21:47:00 Comments (5)
  • Bart
    1 year ago

    Thanks for finishing my map Hamburglar.

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  • hamburglar
    2 years ago

    noice great run edit

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  • heheyz
    2 years ago

    deam edde pro aswell, i cant get close to 40 sec on church :/ , and leffe - le profesionalle

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  • FiZz
    2 years ago

    very pro surfa.. and I'm very eager to try out the new map, if its even half as good as it was in beta, it will be a banger.

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  • Leffe_L
    2 years ago

    Anubis changed a lot since beta (way harder now). Try it out!

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  • Rapha
    2 years ago

    first of all congratz on winning this week :D

    i cant wait to see a perfect run at anubis *-* amazing map!

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brotez5 days ago
@hamburglar bro I need talk to you send me msg here or steam/lolzin
kaffee1 week ago
i liked wengs freestyle on how-high and on the first map, levelmap-tricks seemed quite cool but i don't know the maps. burgers tricks were all nice except h_final, which i thought was kinda boring
weng1 week ago
g-Lp3 weeks ago
EleCtra3 weeks ago
hello old crew :D
i thought this place was closed
brotez3 weeks ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbjTUaXf-NI THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD BY ME !
hamburglar1 month ago
ty kaffee i think at least in these first months nothings gonna happen for the regular brazilian middle class 1.6 player

but lets see what awaits us in the future... so much whacky, surreal bullshit has been happening in Brazil these last years