27 New World Records - Release #72 - Surf (old cs) Demos


surf_agt_backstage done in 01:47.20 (01:48.82  Nostalgic)
surf_complex[ buttons] done in 01:03.13 (01:06.84  lekz0r)
surf_complex[-buttons] done in 00:35.78 (00:36.86  lekz0r)
surf_desertblock done in 00:46.30 (00:46.59  excentials)
surf_desert_cave_ez done in 01:06.38 (01:11.31  unnamed)
surf_enterprise done in 00:46.36 (00:47.53  unnamed)
surf_glock_new done in 01:15.62 (01:17.05  excessus)
surf_graveyard_ez done in 02:42.53 (02:58.82  edrx)
surf_indiana_jones done in 02:49.26 (02:52.78  tOni)
surf_journey[ shortcut] done in 00:11.37 (00:11.97  FleeX)
surf_longjumps_run done in 00:20.80 (00:21.47  lekz0r)
surf_lostzone_2 done in 01:55.54 (01:55.79  lekz0r)
surf_mario_castle done in 01:19.68 (01:26.57  unnamed)
surf_metra done in 00:34.55 (00:34.67  DEN0)
surf_mountin_winter done in 00:51.58 (00:52.04  lekz0r)
surf_one_wave done in 00:30.53 (00:30.86  frozeN)
surf_sahara done in 00:34.24 (00:34.87  lekz0r)
surf_slimerun done in 00:21.25 (00:21.31  m3t@f0x)
surf_snowy done in 00:54.32 (00:54.85  yoshida)
surf_space_station done in 00:43.66 (00:45.16  lekz0r)
surf_up done in 00:19.13 (00:19.33  frozeN)


surf_canyon done in 00:55.61 (00:56.26  FiZz)
surf_catchrun done in 00:50.23 (00:50.61  FiZz)
surf_chocolate done in 00:26.26 (00:26.27  excessus)
surf_hasty2 done in 00:38.03 (00:39.45  unnamed)
surf_hasty done in 00:52.65 (00:53.08  FiZz)


surf_underground done in 00:45.19 (00:46.83  heheyz)

Demos that were improved or didn't quite make it:

  • surf_hasty2_FiZz_0038.85_old.rar 
  • surf_mario_castle_unnamed_0124.82_old.rar 
  • surf_up_unnamed_0019.28_old.rar 
Posted by Rapha on Saturday 12 November 2016 - 18:42:00 Comments (9)
  • FalleNz0r
    2 years ago

    .. and desert cave ez was amazing too.

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  • FalleNz0r
    2 years ago

    Impressive times, fizz is taking surf to another level, didnt expect those times were possible. It is sad that it happened now, when surf is almost dead.

    Slimerun, sahara, journey, longjumps run, canyon, metra, mario castle and lostzone2 were very impressive, especially mario castle and slimerun, one of my favorites map and i thought metafox's run was unbeatable

    keep going guys

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  • Zonex
    2 years ago


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  • Asker
    2 years ago

    Hey, great job. I would really love if someone could upload some of these runs unedited!

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  • t0ti
  • Asker
    2 years ago


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  • FiZz
    2 years ago

    Impressive times unnamed! Sick hasty2.. Btw rapha hehey time doesnt show up:(

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  • heheyz
    2 years ago

    ..rapha, i impr that underground to 45.19 or i uploaded the same wr..cuz this is the old wr i did? but fizzblows my mind again uhhh....

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  • Rapha
    2 years ago

    mario castle very impressive

    great job all

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xenzation2 days ago
Twizek2 days ago
z0r1 week ago
weng pelado
weng2 weeks ago
eyo, i've made a new minimovie

hamburglar3 weeks ago
im hot garbage at speaking english
TopKleare3 weeks ago
reached real life lvl 30 time goes fast :D
FiZz3 weeks ago
or just contact tip of the hats and have cs 1.6 surfing in there too. TF2 and css is already in it so why not 1.6. Have hamb and someone else as the talkers and me, edrx, dawson, scorpion and toni as surfers
brotez1 month ago
That's a opportunity for contact the GamesDoneQuick Hamb hahahaha.. But it's need a good real money
hamburglar1 month ago
good shit but whos gonna finance us brotez?

sup zika
brotez1 month ago
let's go make a good event like a SpeedRunGoneQuick with many maps to finish in WR or Top3 and all money give to Hospital or MSF, that's my dream to back surfing again