13 New World Records - Release #46 - Surf (old cs) Demos


surf_adventure2 done in 01:12.43
surf_dpc done in 01:03.75 (01:04.52  SingieL)
surf_enterprise done in 01:03.57
surf_space_station done in 00:45.84 (00:46.63  Mendonca)


surf_bucetation done in 00:21.55 (00:22.59  excessus)
surf_sandhog done in 00:13.89 (00:14.12  luan)


surf_catchrun done in 00:58.83
surf_dup done in 00:22.97 (00:23.26  SingieL)


surf_ut0pia done in 00:43.12


surf_canyon done in 00:59.92


surf_minigolf done in 02:31.64 (02:37.49  Gimenegati)


surf_nature_rmk done in 00:55.17


surf_snowy done in 01:29.68

Demos that were improved or didn't quite make it:

  • surf_canyon_ark_0105.93.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_canyon_ark_0108.97.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_canyon_excentials_0100.38.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_canyon_ZoNeX_0107.97.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_catchrun_Insane_0059.40.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_minigolf_Rapha_0237.23.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_ut0pia_ark_0048.71.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_ut0pia_ark_0050.79.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_ut0pia_Spray_0046.68.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
  • surf_ut0pia_Spray_0050.93.rar Reason: Demo Improved.
Posted by Rapha on Sunday 19 February 2012 - 00:37:56 Comments (37)
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g-Lp4 weeks ago
hi ratmen
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┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ hi├┬┴┬┴
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Manuel2 months ago
Thank youu @Fizz
Manuel2 months ago
Hey guys, anyway to get the old cs atm? Help with link or something, and thanks
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