19 New World Records - Release #44 - Surf (old cs) Demos


surf_desert_cave done in 01:40.07 (01:41.34  Mackan)
surf_dup done in 00:23.26 (00:23.41  hamburglar)
surf_old_village done in 00:40.33 (00:40.56  Mackan)
surf_sahara done in 00:36.10 (00:36.70  FalleNz0r)
surf_very_nice done in 00:52.95


surf_century done in 01:01.35
surf_journey[+shortcut] done in 00:12.24 (00:12.29  yoshida)
surf_new done in 00:26.12 (00:26.25  excentials)
surf_seasons done in 01:39.43 (01:40.40  g-Lp)


surf_blackpoint_ez done in 00:29.75 (00:30.81  excentials)
surf_looping_tutorial done in 00:33.54
surf_vrx done in 00:29.90 (00:30.63  excentials)


surf_eternal done in 00:39.39 (00:40.73  DEN0)
surf_lost_temple done in 00:27.61 (00:28.56  excessus)
surf_shortbox done in 00:12.69 (00:13.29  yoshida)


surf_reggin2 done in 03:54.93 (07:55.28  FalleNz0r)
surf_sme done in 00:53.94 (00:57.19  SingieL)


surf_facil done in 00:21.31


surf_ninsha done in 00:41.65 (00:41.69  Guss)

Demos that were improved or didn't quite make it:

  • surf_blackpoint_ez_excentials_0030.69.rar 
  • surf_century_Den0_0101.62.rar 
  • surf_century_yoshida_0103.15.rar 
  • surf_century_yoshida_0104.55.rar 
  • surf_century_yoshida_0106.88.rar 
  • surf_century_yoshida_0111.60.rar 
  • surf_century_yoshida_0113.36.rar 
  • surf_looping_tutorial_bazE_0036.57.rar 
  • surf_nature_ark_0115.18.rar 
  • surf_nature_Clr_0122.66.rar 
  • surf_sme_SingieL_0055.84.rar 
  • surf_very_nice_Spray_0111.85.rar 
Posted by Rapha on Sunday 29 January 2012 - 17:33:13 Comments (26)
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FiZz2 hours ago
or just contact tip of the hats and have cs 1.6 surfing in there too. TF2 and css is already in it so why not 1.6. Have hamb and someone else as the talkers and me, edrx, dawson, scorpion and toni as surfers
brotez5 days ago
That's a opportunity for contact the GamesDoneQuick Hamb hahahaha.. But it's need a good real money
hamburglar6 days ago
good shit but whos gonna finance us brotez?

sup zika
brotez6 days ago
let's go make a good event like a SpeedRunGoneQuick with many maps to finish in WR or Top3 and all money give to Hospital or MSF, that's my dream to back surfing again
z1Kaa1 week ago
Just starter some surfing again :o
g-Lp1 week ago
hello z1ka
brotez1 week ago
???????????? ????????????
z1Kaa1 week ago
kaffee3 weeks ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heL95A-fmew i wish this would be a full movie hehe
surRendi3 weeks ago
Damn.. So many memories coming back when watching Biff3n's movie...
Think I'm getting old