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hillingerifws1 week ago
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aprochonger1 week ago
lezik1 week ago
Yo, no way the official server still exists right?
hamburglar2 weeks ago
sup asker and symb

@symb1 thats because you released the final version as "surf_atum", didnt you?

TopKleare2 weeks ago
everybode comes back ;D
g-Lp2 weeks ago
Thank you FiZz for this movie, let's hope we'll meet once again someday, somewhere!
xenzation3 weeks ago
i'm gonna miss you Robbie. Take care! :')
FiZz3 weeks ago
Symb13 weeks ago
@FiZz - First of all impressive and secondly, I didn't know existed, this map wasn't in map list here.