• The liquid ring vacuum pump has certain requirements when it is used. If it is chosen according to its performance, it needs a certain knowledge base. Then there are many people applying it. I believe many people will also use it. The wiring method has a certain understanding, then let's come together and consolidate it.

    1. When wrapping with polyester insulation tape, be sure to press half of the first ring, dress 8-12 layers, wrap the liquid ring vacuum pump, and then use plastic tape to wrap two layers for strength.

    2. Strip the copper core of the liquid ring vacuum pump about 30-35mm long. Wipe the copper wire with an abrasive cloth and make it bright. Also peel off the copper wire of the external three-core cable and peel it out 30-35mm. clean.

    3. Insert the three-core cable and the copper wire stripped from the external cable, and then tie it tightly with a thin copper wire as shown in the figure. Cut the rest and cut it with scissors to prevent it from getting tied.

    4. The three wire ends are respectively welded with solder, and the surface of the welding head is required to be smooth, without burr and false welding. If it is not welded or not smooth, the liquid ring vacuum pump should be re-welded until the requirements are met.

    5. Wrap the three heel wires together with plastic tape and wrap the two layers. The first layer is more than 50mm above the end of each wire insulation layer, and the second layer is 50mm beyond the end of the first layer.

    6. After the banding, take a basin of cold water and immerse the wrapped wire in the water safely. After 12 hours, the insulation should not be less than 50 megohms with a 500V megger. Otherwise, it should be re-wrapped until it meets the requirements.

    7. The grounding wire of the liquid ring vacuum pump must also be bandaged according to the diving cable wiring process requirements.

    The liquid ring vacuum pump must pay attention to its method and method when wiring. It is hoped that everyone must analyze it according to its specific content when processing. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to some small details when processing, so as to avoid unnecessary failure.
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